Round Spray Nozzle

Available in sizes from 0.4mm to 1.0 mm these round nozzles are selected for different viscosity of paints to be sprayed. The smaller sizes are for thin materials such as dyes, fine enamels. The medium range are for lacquer, enamels, thin stains.  

The large size nozzles are used for latex, oil base, and thick stains. These round nozzles are not as durable as the flat nozzles and they produce a round spray pattern but they are relatively inexpensive and will still produce a fine finish.

0.4mm round spray nozzle L075-500
0.5mm round spray nozzle L075-501
0.6mm round spray nozzle L075-502
0.7mm round spray nozzle L075-503
0.8mm round spray nozzle L075-504
1.0mm round spray nozzle L075-505