Pressure Pot 2.25G Dual Regulators

The 2-1/4 gallon  heavy duty pressure pot is used for larger painting jobs where either the entire pot is filled or a one gallon can of paint is inserted inside. Easy to clean due to teflon coated inner tank. Twin line hose kits are available from Lemmer for the 2-1/4 gallon pressure pot or custom length twin lines can quickly be manufactured.

Special plastic pressure pot liners available to make cleanup easier.

Dual air regulators and air gauges are supplied as standard equipment on this pressure pot which allows precise control of product to the gun and precise control of atomizing air. Fluid pressure is regulated to a max of 50 psi. The air setting for the gun is regulated to a max of 100 psi. No tools are required to open the pressure pot, large quick release clamps are easily accessed on top for quick removal of the lid.


Features: Applications:
Dual regulators Lacquers and stains
Heavy duty clamps Enamel, Latex and glue
Chrome shaft & prop Foundation coatings
Resists tipping Asphalt coatings
Low maintenance  
Affordable pricing  
Easy to clean  


Available Accessories:
Lemmer air spray fluid hoses are rubber type with nylon inner linings to withstand commercial coatings. The air hose is also a quality rubber type for best life and flexibility. Pressure feed air guns are available in conventional and HVLP types.
A-910 pressure feed gun L015-013
A-928P HVLP pressure feed gun L015-021
A-711 HVLP pressure feed with venturi (1.4mm) L080-506
5' x 1/4 twin line hose assembly L080-727
15' x 1/4 twin line hose assembly L080-728
50' x 1/4 twin line hose assembly L080-725
25' x 3/8 twin line hose assembly (1/4 air) L080-729
25' x 1/4 air supply hose (compressor to pot) L035-121
50' x 3/8 air supply hose (compressor to pot) L035-122
Formed liner (2.25 gallon pot) L011-586