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Pressure Pot 2 Quart Remote

The 2 quart remote pressure pot attaches to your belt and is very handy for smaller jobs or where more color changes are required. The shorter lines and smaller container ensure less solvents are required when cleaning. Having the pressure regulator and gauge on the container allows precise control without having to leave the spraying area. For use with all conventional spray coatings. Maximum pressure is 50 psi.

Available Accessories: Specifications:
A-900 air spray with container (91.5mm) L015-001 Max Pressure 50 psi
A-910 with container L015-012 Air inlet 1/4"
5' x 1/4 twin line hose assembly L080-727 Air outlet 1/4"
15' x 1/4 twin line hose assembly L080-728 Fluid outlet 3/8"
25' x 1/4 air supply hose (compressor to pot) L035-121 Safety valve 50 psi