A728 HVLP Non Bleeder Gun

The A728 is the newest gun in our HVLP line and features a non-bleeder design, simplified adjustment and a 1 quart container. Advantages of a non-bleeder gun are that they run cooler and quieter, may have less build up on the air cap and stir up less dust in the work area.

This gun features a lightweight, precision cast aluminum body, a high flow air valve and convenient rear mounted spray fan control. The A728 HVLP gun has a wide range of needle/nozzle sizes available; from 1.0 mm up to 2.0 mm. For specific nozzle size recommendations, please see Nozzle Chart below.

Materials which can be sprayed include varnish, urethane, lacquer, automotive paint, epoxy, enamel, stain, latex, oil base, multi color etc.

Note: If upgrading a T-55 or T-75 system to the A-728 gun, kit L080-649 is required to vent excessive pressure when the trigger is closed, and to reduce heat stress on the turbine motor. The T-90, T-95 and T-97 are already designed to accept a non-bleeder gun.


A728 HVLP Specs:

A-728S with 1 quart pressure cup Order # L081-050
Gun Type Non-bleeder, for connection to turbine HVLP systems
Gun Body Polished aluminum, nylon handle
Needle and Seat Stainless steel, 1.5 mm supplied standard
Container 1 quart pressurized, aluminum cup
Air inlet Large diameter quick connect for turbine systems
Air Pressure and requirements (typical) 2-10 psi, for use with 2-4 stage turbine units
Fluid inlet 3/8" NPS
Fluid pressure (typical) 2-15 psi

Needle/Seat size chart:

Fine finish work with stains, lacquers, enamels, automotive base/clear 1.0 mm
Medium speed with lacquers, enamels, urethanes, clear coats 1.3 mm
Normal output with lacquers, enamels, urethane, varnish, automotive primers 1.5 mm (standard)
Higher output with primers, industrial finishes 1.8 mm
Latex and oil paints 2.0 mm