A712G HVLP Gun Gravity

The A712 HVLP Gravity gun comes with an insulated Nylon handle and 600 ml gravity container. This compact gun is highly maneuverable and ideally suited to fine finishing and specialty work.

A key benefit of gravity feed spray guns is fast color change and cleanup. The gravity system minimizes material loss and thinner use, saving you time and money. These guns are great for staining, piece work, on site touch ups etc.

The A712G spray gun is supplied with a general use 1.4 mm needle/nozzle and aircap.


A712G HVLP Specifications:

Gun Body Aluminum, ‘black chrome’ finish, nylon handle
Needle and Seat Stainless steel, 1.4 mm supplied standard
Container 600 ml gravity type, nylon
Air inlet Large diameter quick connect for turbine systems