Industrial Pipe Cleaning Hose

Pipe cleaning hose hooks up to your water pressure washer (min. 3 gpm @ 800 psi.) and save time and money cleaning plugged drain lines and pipes! Its small size makes it perfect for clearing small diameter pipes. The standard jet nozzle helps pull the hose along while clearing obstructions. The rotary nozzle is compact and spins up to 9000 RPM! This fast spinning motion also helps pull the hose into the pipe to reach the obstruction and "cut" at it with its unique water jetting action. Designed for pipes from 1/2" to 10" inside diameter. The industrial pipe cleaning hose is very flexible and with an outside diameter of only 3/8" it can "snake" into some very tight places to unplug the obstruction.

Available Hose Lengths:
50' x 3/16" L044-402 
100'x3/16" L044-403
150' x 3/16" L044-404

  • Polyester/Elastomer inner tube and outer cover
  • -40 C to 120 C temperature range
  • 4350 psi Max working pressure
  • 26,000 psi Burst pressure