Pole Gun and Extension

Light weight design with in-line gun and swiveling head. Available in 3' and 6' lengths and attaches to standard airless hose. Spray up to 20' high with 6' extension on a 6' pole gun! The in-line gun uses standard Lemmer handle filters. Maximum pressure 3,000 psi.

Lemmer Thread: 
3' Pole gun without tip assembly (L)  L033-050
6' Pole gun without tip assembly (L)  L033-051
3' Pole extension :for spraying only (L) L033-800
6' Pole extension :for spraying only (L) L033-801
Graco Thread:
1/2m tip extension with angle head G) L033-041
1m tip extension with angle head (G) L033-042
2m tip extension with angle head (G) L033-043