Disc Filters

One piece molded design guarantees 100% filtration. Disc filter holders allow hook-up to almost any system. These disc type filters are also interchangeable with Graco and Binks. The high pressure swivel version with chamber to hold a disc type filter is about 3" long by 3/4" diameter with 1/4" MF threads. Perfect for upgrading low priced guns which do not have a filter or swivel. The shorter non-swiveling version is perfect for in-line hose filtering, or for automatic gins. These filters are available in 60 mesh and 100 mesh sizes.

Disc filter holders are available in the following configurations. The disc filter element is not included.

L034-114 - Swiveling filter holder, ¼ MF

L034-115 - Filter holder, ¼ MF

L034-116 - Filter holder, 3/8 MF