LinePro LP-5500 Striper

Powerful 3/4 GPM Line Striper with Statinless Steel slow stroking pump, front swivel wheel, build for the new hybrid and water base paints.

Incredible power comes from a Direct Drive System that powers a large piston paint pump for smooth and consitent spray fan width. The system's 3/4 gpm flow rate will handle up to one .027 tip or two .019's! Two tips included, a 317 and a 517. Power is provided by a gas 4.0 hp Honda Engine and will run approximately 6 hours one one tank of fuel at a low RPM setting. Its heavy duty cart has large air filled tires.

  • High performance slow stroke design.
  • Direct Drive piston pump.
  • Consistent spray pattern.
  • Variable pressure control.
  • Dependable 4.0 HP Honda motor.
  • Large tungsten seats with Hard Chrome balls.
  • Self adjusting mixed PE & leather packings.
  • Excellent for thick or abrasive materials.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to clean.
Features include a parking brake, locking front swivel wheel, easy to move gun to either side. Spray height is easily adjusted for full 2" to 14" line width control, gun can be positioned to spray right up to a wall. The gun is also easily removed for remote spraying.